Re-vent 2011

18 Speakers
5 Sessions
1 Theme - RE
Dig everything, once more

Our Speaker

  • Bill Yen

    Bill Yen

    Director, MRT Design

    Bill earned his master’s in architecture degree at Harvard and his BA in economics and sculpture at Duke University before coming to China in 2003. Under Sheila Kennedy, he worked with Herman Miller to develop their next generation of products. In 2008 he founded MRKT where he pursues his fascination with the intersection of design and research and development.

  • Danielle Ruan

    Danielle Ruan

    Director, COCO-MAT China

    Danielle Ruan owned a sourcing company in Canada and is currently the director for COCO-MAT China, a Greek high-end sleep and home furnishing brand. Founded in 1989, COCO-MAT is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe and is recognized for its remarkable leadership in CSR initiatives.

  • David Li

    David Li

    Foreman, XinCheJian

    Founder of XinCheJian, the first Hackerspace in China. Li has been in internet and software industries for 15 years and has actively participated in open source software development and movement for 20 years. He worked on interactive multimedia projects led by Steven Spielberg, virtual world project of Disney, enterprise IT project in Japan and social applications in Facebook.

  • David Redic

    David Redic

    Musician and Artist

    Redic is a modern day Millennium Renaissance Artist. He stands for Music, Fashion & Art.Music and songwriting is his creative spring board. He believes that music is "the sound track of life" and aspires to pin songs underscoring the human experience. Professionally, he has performed with world-class artists like Mariah Carey. In 2008, Redic wrote the theme song for the election campaign of Barrack Obama.

  • Frank Yu

    Frank Yu

    CEO of Kwestr and Columnist

    Frank Yu is the co-founder and CEO of Kwestr. He is also the Columnist for the China Economic Review and a Games Analyst for Gamasutra. He consults on youth trends, technology and investment in China. He previously worked at Microsoft and Coutts Natwest, PIMCO and served in the US Army Intelligence branch. He earned his Master in Public Policy from Harvard University.

  • Gao Hu

    Gao Hu

    Rocker and Singer

    He is the rocker and singer of band, Tongyang. He was born in Jiangsu Province and grew up in Xinjiang before he went to Beijing and graduated from Beijing Midi School. His engaging and imposing performance stands out from other musicians and he also has made a documentary film named Zhishi.

  • Hai Chen

    Hai Chen


    She graduated from Ceramic Arts of Central Academy of Craft Art Department In 1996. In 1999 she studied after the French contemporary Ceramics artist Claude Champy. In 2003 she founded her own ceramic brand "Blue Shanghai White" in Shanghai.

  • Henry Hua

    Henry Hua

    CEO of NCsoftChina Co., Ltd.

    Henry was one of the founding members of Microsoft global technical center. He was also the VP of the Shanghai Wicresoft Company and founder of the MediaCommunicationGroup. In the end of 2008 he returned to the Internet industry as the CEO of NCsoftChina Co., Ltd.

  • Jiang Changjian

    Jiang Changjian

    Ph.D, Fudan University

    Jiang Chang Jian,Ph.D and Professor of School of International Relations and Public Affairs,Fudan University. Well-known media people. In 1993 With Fudan University he won the frist International Varsity Debate and captured by the "Best Debater"title.2001-2005 he was the chief planner of "Yanglan One On One".

  • John Davis

    John Davis

    Dean of S.P.Jain Center of Management

    Dean of Global MBA at S P Jain Center of Management. He is also the author of five best-selling books on business and marketing. He was elected as the "Best Professor of Marketing in 2010" by the CMO Coucil. Besides, he also advised on marketing strategy of large MNCs, such as Nike, Informix, and Transamerica.

  • Li Xiaolai

    Li Xiaolai

    Educator and Problogger

    Renowned English teacher, author of the best-selling book "Make Time Your Friend", renowned blogger whose blogs mainly focus on the personal development through opening one's mind.

  • Li Chao

    Li Chao


    As the leader of Shanghai Wenwan Guqin Club, he is inextricably associated with Guqin which let him find his austere soul in the impetuous modern city. Wenwan Guqin Club is dedicated to deepen and expand the effectiveness of Guqin in today's society in order to create an affable and secluded idyll.

  • M.O.L.K


    Acappella Group

    MOLK is the first Acappella group, vocal performance without the aid of instruments in Shanghai.Their highlight is the employment of a cappella, which features both astounding difficulty and aesthetic values. MOLK’s motto: Infinite Possibility!

  • Mary Ho

    Mary Ho

    Yoga&Energy therapy worker

    Mary is an active volunteer worker with Mifan Mama. She conducts donation-based yoga classes and energy therapy work. Having visited many sacred sites to enhance her Soul Purpose, Mary has a passionate belief to devote herself entirely to share and help others who are willing to receive and experience energy therapy work.

  • Wei Wu Hui

    Wei Wu Hui

    Lecturer and Entrepreneur

    He is a lecturer of the School of Media and Design at Shanghai Jiaotong University and a renowned blogger. In the late 1990s, he partook in the Internet industry and since then he has worked as operation manager, information architect and CEO in various companies. He began his professorship at Shanghai Jiaotong University since 2006.

  • Xiao Fu

    Xiao Fu


    Founder of Scarecrow Travel Club. It is his belief that we not only discover the natural wonders through travelling, but also find ourselves by engaging with the environment. Open up your mind and embrace the surprises.

  • Zhuang Zu’yi

    Zhuang Zu’yi


    Author of the best-selling book "Anthropologist in the Kitchen". In 2006, she quit her PhD study and pursued her interest of cooking inThe Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. Upon graduation, she moved to Hong Kong with her husband and started her career through apprenticeship. She is the author of "Anthropologist in the Kitchen" in which she shares her experience as a professional chef.



TEDxFSS "Re"vent has four parts: Reflect, Revolute, Renovate and Renaissance.

Reflect features in rediscovering life, success, happiness, our past, present and future.

Revolute will redefine traditional and emerging industries, technology and innovation.

Renovate focuses on refinement in quality of business, welfare, education and society as a whole.

Renaissance will recreate the experience of audio, visual, beauty and art.

The Schedule of TEDxFSS 2011
Schedules Session
8:00am - 9:00am Registration
9:30am - 10:40am Session 1
10:50am - 11:50am Session 2
11:50am - 13:20am Lunch Break
13:30pm - 15:00pm Session 3
15:20pm - 16:20pm Session 4
16:30pm - 18:00pm Session 5

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KIC Plaza7

NO.252 Songhu Road,
Yangpu District,ShangHai



Metro10 Line 10 Jiangwan Stadium Sta.


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CNature Foundation

CNature基金会是隶属于联领基金会的本土非营利机构,由香港及大陆两地崇尚自然、热心公益的企业家、和素有慈善传统的家族基金共同资助而成。 CNature成立于2006年,以18~35岁的新生代为主要受众群体, 用创意公益的理念和新锐时尚的态度在亚太地区推动可持续的生活方式和精神理念。“C”for Creativity,Change and Communication。CNature 致力于塑造具有时代感的NGO形象,是"创意公益"和"公益2.0"的提出者和先行者。快乐、时尚、平等、分享、年轻是CNature的活动精神; 鼓励与支持青年人在公益领域的创造思维,并为中国公益事业挖掘并培养新生力量。

"Change"-- CNature 2011年"C"系列概念关键词,"RE - Dig everything, once more."-- TEDxFSS的品牌核心,这次Cnature 与TEDxFS合作是CNature致力于推动公众思维方式与生活态度转变的全新起点。TEDxFSS的核心团队由一群拥有梦想与实干精神的年轻人组成,勇于挑战与改变,他们的努力和专注让CNature由衷地愿意支持他们实现更多好玩有趣、并富有意义的创想,正如这次的TEDxFSS!


Knowledge & Innovation Community


The Knowledge & Innovation Community (KIC), located in the centre of Wujiaochang Sub-Centre, is a crucial project under Shanghai’s “Revitalize the City with Science and Technology” strategy. It was inspired by a combination of the technological innovation and entrepreneurial spirit found in the Silicon Valley in the United States and the cultural vibrancy of the Left Bank of Paris. Jointly developed by Yangpu Government and Shui On Development Limited, KIC will realize its goal of becoming an innovative knowledge-based community through the integration of three zones; Academic Zone, Tech Campus and Community Zone. Coupled with the world leading high-tech enterprises, creative design practices, venture capitalists, incubators and a comprehensive service and support structure, KIC is a motivating knowledge and innovation community in which people to work, learn, grow, and realize potential to the fullest.




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